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Úti Sztorik

Goodbye Brussels part 2

I’m going to talk about my job and you will laugh

2018. február 02. - Úti Sztorik

In 2017 I was living in the capital of Belgium and the EU. Here I got to know a totally different and mainly unknown world: the world of people with learning disabilities. I would like to share some funny stories of my experiences as a volunteer of l’Arche.


TOP 7 things that I already like about Brussels

A new life-experience in a kind of new city – I collected some of the stuffs which I already like about the city I am going to live in. They are a little bit stereotypical, but sooner or later my list will be more detailed and real – until then I am happy to explore the city of comics, unhealthy…


It was definitely more than a year

all about EVS part 2

I few days or weeks ago I have written a blogpost about my EVS year, and I promised that I will write another one, since so many things happened and getting to know a new culture is full of stories and experiences. Allora, here is the second half of the questions! (And the answers of…


More than a year

all about EVS part 1

I arrived home two weeks (which sometimes seemed to be short, sometimes loooong) ago from Italy. During these weeks I still hadn’t realized that I am actually back to Hungary for real, but then I made some Skype calls with my foreign friends and after that realized like hell. It is over with the…